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Enelya!Ze and Chazza!Chilled by meow753 Enelya!Ze and Chazza!Chilled :iconmeow753:meow753 19 0 BH6 Cuties by shadowpiratemonkey7 BH6 Cuties :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 241 47 Not a Bad Thing (but it totally is)-VHAU Playlist by shadowpiratemonkey7 Not a Bad Thing (but it totally is)-VHAU Playlist :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 210 55 more stupid boyfriends by shadowpiratemonkey7 more stupid boyfriends :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 195 33 8'D by shadowpiratemonkey7 8'D :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 158 40
Markiplier x Reader - Apocalypse For Four
Amulet-Voltaire: I’ve been posting a lot of ‘x readers’ on my other account, so I’m going to post this on this account, obviously.
I do not own Markiplier, nor do I own you, I DO, however, own this story, and technically I own Pixel (she’s ME).  ENJOY Markipillars!
[F/n] = first name
[N/n] = nickname or new name, the difference?  New name is a name you’ve always wanted to be named, nickname is a nickname
[E/c] = eye color
[H/c] = hair color
[H/l] = hair length
[F/c] = favorite color
     Zombies, betrayal, trust issues, animal-like territorial problems, and no family.  That pretty much sums up your life now.  As some predicted, the zombie apocalypse was here.  But it wasn’t what most expected.  Instead of slow, brain dead (pun intended) zombies, there were different types of zombies.  Slow zombies, fast zombies, zombies that can figure out how to open doors like a normal person, hell, there
:iconamulet-voltaire:Amulet-Voltaire 220 32
Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction:C12
   Mark's POV:
   *It's the next day, and you and Mark wake up. You both come out of your rooms at the same time. You see and greet each other, then go downstairs.*
   Me: "I'm gonna go make breakfast."
   (Y/n): "Can I help make it this morning?"
   Me: *He is about to decline, but you show him the cutest puppydog face he has ever seen.* "I don't know..."
   (Y/n): "Pleeeeaaase?" *You make your face even more puppydog-like.*
   Me: *He sighs.* "Sure, you can help." *He goes into the kitchen, to the fridge, to get four eggs. He hands them to you.* "You can start by cracking the eggs."
   (Y/n): *You take them and he fixes the dining table. You walk to the cooking pan on the stove. You wait a few minutes for it to heat up, then you call Mark in your sweet, innocent voice.* "Maaark! I think I need help cracking these eggs!"
Your POV:
   I don't need help cracking these eggs. Hah
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction:C11
  Mark's POV:
  *You are released from the hospital the next day, and Mark takes you back to his house.*
  (Y/n): "I think we should finish up with our sketches."
  Me: "Uh... Are you sure, (y/n)? I mean, you just got out of the hospital."
  (Y/n): "Yeah. I'm sure. I want to finish what I started ASAP."
  Me: "But, you might not be strong eno-"
  (Y/n): "Hey. You said the doctor said my recovery was exceptional. I'm fine."
  Me: "I'm Dr. Markiplier! I know what's best!" *He suddenly looks behind him with a frustrated face.* "SHUT UP, NURSE!"
(Y/n): "Nurse Yami's not here, Mark! I got this!"
  Me: *He sighs and shakes his head in defeat.* "Okay."
  *You both start to set up for recording. When you finish after a couple hours, you remember about Mandy.*
  (Y/n): "What ever happened to Mandy? I forgot all about her."
:iconcpsnewestproxy:CPsNewestProxy 71 29
Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction:C10
    *Your POV:*
    *You are kept in the hospital for six weeks, recovering from the accident. Mark visits you every single day. He's there so often, almost all of the doctors and nurses know him by a first name basis. Watching them around the building while he walks to your room makes him chuckle because it reminds him of himself and Yamimash. Doctor Mark and Nurse Yami. As usual. The all-powerful Markimash/Yamiplier fandom. He brings you flowers, candy, gifts, cards, hugs, kisses, everything. You both talk for hours until visiting time is over. You wanna know where he records and edits his videos? In your hospital room. Yep. You sometimes play two-player games. Even in recovery, you're still more "pro" than him. He shows you sitting in bed, and you smile and wave at the camera to the fans. When it's time for him to leave, he says his goodbyes and kisses you lightly. He strokes your hair, grabs his things, and goes. Your sleep is quite peaceful.
:iconcpsnewestproxy:CPsNewestProxy 108 50
Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C9
Chapter 9, y'all! I recommend listening to "I Will Always Love You", by Whitney Houston for this chapter. Get prepared for the most epic feels of all time.
    Your POV:
    Me: "That was a great night, Ry. I had a ton of fun."
    Ryan: "Yeah. I had fun, too. See you later, then?"
    Me: "Later." *You kiss Ryan on the cheek.* "Goodnight."
    Ryan: "Goodnight." *He gets back in his car and drives off.*
    *You get in the house. The lights are all off.*
    What? Mark never turns all the lights off. He at least leaves the counter light on.
    *You slowly and carefully walk to the kitchen, groping the walls to make sure you don't bump into anything. You hear a clinking sound near the kitchen sink.*
    Me: "Mark?..."
    *A man in all black jumps out at you. You try to scream, but he puts your arms behind
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C8
    Your POV:
    Mark: *He comes through the door with Mandy.* "I'm back! And brought someone back with me!"
    *You come to greet him, and pause when you see her with his arm around her shoulders.*
    Huh? Who is she? And, why is she here? Why does he have his arm around her? What is going on?
    *Your mind races at a million miles a nanosecond with questions filling your head.*
    I guess he doesn't have feelings for me afterall... I spent forever unnoticeably trying to get him to like me, but it didn't work. Obviously. I have no chance with him. I knew it. I never did.
    Me: *You put on a porcelain smile. Your voice crackles a bit.* "Who's this?"
    Mark: *He's enthusiastic.* "This is Mandy. I met her sitting on one of the benches near the shopping center. Then we took a walk through the park. Oh, and, are you okay? Your voice ju
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C7
    Let's get straight into this chapter, shall we?
    Mark's POV:
    *You and Mark are setting up for one of your sketches a while after he teases you about your Darkiplier nightmare.*
    Me: "Where did you want this mic, (y/n)?"
    *It's a giant microphone to put over your heads while you are talking.*
    (Y/n): "Right beside the vase. To the right."
    Me: *He moves it to where you said.* "Here?"
    (Y/n): *You look at it.* "Uh... A little farther left, actually."
    Me: "'Kay." *He moves the mic again.* "This better?"
    (Y/n): *You scrunch up your face in concentration.* "One more pace left."
    Me: *Sigh. He moves it again.* "Is. This. BETTER?!"
    (Y/n): "Not quite. Two paces to the right."
    Me: *Frustrated.* "(Y/n)!"
    (Y/n): *You spea
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C6
 I'd like to give a special shoutout to bensonlover13 and Markiplier for being awesome! :)
   (F/f)=Favorite food
   Your POV:
   What a good sleep... I'm kinda hungry, though. I could go for some breakfast. I'm so hungry, I can almost smell the (f/f)... Wait. I CAN smell it. *Sniff, sniff.* And it smells really delicious. Let me go check it out.
   *You get out of bed and realize you're wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday to bed.*
   Crap. I hate it when I sleep in my clothes. I must have been so tired, I forgot to change.
   *You do a double-take when you notice a note on the dresser beside the bed. You pick it up, then read it.*
   When you wake up, if you want to take a shower, you can use it. I already have it set to the right notches. All you have to do is turn the hot and cold handles. I'll be downstairs making
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C4
We made it to chapter 4!  Great. You guys liking it so far? I really hope so. Leggo!
  Your POV:
  Pilot: "Attention passengers: We will be at our destination in approximately 10 minutes. I gladly ask that you would turn all devices off until we reach ground. Thank you, and I hope your flight was enjoyable."
  Oh, good. Ten more minutes. I can't wait to get off of this plane. It's not that the flight itself was terrible. Just, the old geezer keeps giving me these weird looks. Like she's trying to figure something out.
  Elderly Lady: *Taps you on the shoulder.* "Excuse me, miss?"
  Me: "Yeah?"
  Elderly Lady: "Do you happen to be (y/n), from YouTube?"
  Me: "Yeah, why?"
  Elderly Lady: "Oh, my goodness! I can't believe it! You're the (y/n)! My grandbaby, Daryn, loves you! It brightens up her expression when she watches you! I can't even do that sometimes. Can I get an autograph? For my grandbaby?
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C3
  Hey, once again guys! This is gonna be my THIRD chapter! You've all been waiting for it, so here it is. I'm going to make my chapters a bit longer so you won't be as disappointed in me for not giving the story its full value that it deserves. Enjoy.
  This chapter takes place three months later into the future, what with all of the planning, script writing, and money you and Mark threw in. After everything has been set, this is the scene where today, your already on your first-class flight to meet him.
  Your POV:
  *Mark's "Crazy la Paint" outro music rings on your cellphone. Everyone gradually turns toward you. Your color changes beet red.*
  Crap! I thought I turned my phone off! I can't even answer it now.
  *You turn off your cellphone.*
  Pilot: "Attention, passengers: We have reached maximum altitude. You are now able to use your electronics. Thank you."
  Really? Reall
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Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C2
 I just started this fanfiction this morning, and I'm already getting some positive comments. Thanks, guys! I appreciate it a lot. Anyways, chapter 2!
  Your POV:
  Wow. Mark wants me to visit him in LA. This is terrific! I've dreamed all my life- Well, I wouldn't say "ALL my life", for this, but, ever since I started getting into Markiplier videos. I wonder when he's planning to set up things for the visit. I know it's just for stuff like skits and sketches, but I would love for him to ask me on a date. He probably doesn't even like me like that, though. There are probably other girls that he's interested in. What are the odds he would like me back? *Sigh*
  Mark's POV:
  If (y/n) does come here, other than working on comedy- that I now have to write!- what else is she going to do here? It's not like she would really have time to hang out. She's got her vlogs to post daily for fans. She uploads videos she's
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